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Timber Alternative

At GJB New Build, we celebrate the timeless beauty of timber whilst embracing the advancements of modern technology.

Our Timber Alternative range captures the essence of classic wood designs, combined with the durability and efficiency of contemporary materials. With leading brands like Residence and Timeless under our umbrella, we offer a perfect blend of heritage aesthetics and cutting-edge performance.

Timber Alternative Products

Embrace the timeless elegance of timber without the associated maintenance demands with our Timber Alternative Windows and Doors range. At GJB New Build, we have meticulously curated a collection that captures the classic charm and warmth of wood, whilst infusing modern technology and materials for enhanced durability and efficiency. Perfect for those seeking the rustic allure of timber, but with the performance and longevity of contemporary solutions, our timber alternatives are a testament to craftsmanship meeting innovation.

Timber alternative window


Emulating the warmth and charm of traditional wooden windows, our Timber Alternative windows offer enhanced insulation, reduced maintenance, and a lifespan that rivals their modern counterparts.

Timber alternative French Door

French Doors

Combining elegance with efficiency, our Timber Alternative French doors encapsulate the grandeur of classic designs while offering superior security and energy efficiency.

Every product in our Timber Alternative range is backed by robust guarantees, reflecting our confidence in their quality and durability. Prioritising safety, our collection is meticulously designed to meet the stringent standards of Secure By Design. 

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Considering a design project that requires the elegance of timber without its maintenance demands? Our team of experts is always available to guide you through our Timber Alternative range, ensuring you find the perfect match for your vision. 

    Why Choose GJB New Build?

    When it comes to windows and doors for new builds, quality, performance, and service are paramount. At GJB New Build, we pride ourselves on delivering all three in abundance. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our superior products, manufactured with precision and care. Moreover, our commitment to energy efficiency, sound insulation, and post-installation support ensures that our clients benefit not just from top-tier products but also from a holistic service experience. Dive deeper to discover what sets GJB New Build apart in the world of window and door solutions.

    Made in Britain

    Made in Britain

    At GJB New Build, we’re immensely proud to offer our Timber Alternative Windows and Doors, all of which are Made in Britain. Created in our award-winning workshops by highly skilled British artisans, these uPVC products are designed to replicate the classic aesthetic of timber without compromising on modern performance. Each Timber Alternative window and door is subject to stringent quality control measures, ensuring unparalleled durability and functionality. With the hands-on expertise of our craftspeople, you’re guaranteed a product that effortlessly combines the best of traditional aesthetics and contemporary reliability.

    Choosing our Made in Britain Timber Alternative Windows and Doors isn’t just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment in quality, sustainability, and British craftsmanship. Our focus on local manufacturing allows us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly while also bolstering the UK economy. Our commitment to you goes beyond a mere label; it is a guarantee that when you opt for GJB New Build’s Timber Alternative range, you’re making a conscientious choice for quality, longevity, and the very best in British manufacturing.

    Superior Product Quality

    At GJB New Build, our products are of the highest thermal efficiency. Manufactured in-house by Listers, an integral part of the GJB group, we guarantee unparalleled product quality. Choose GJB New Build for a seamless experience underpinned by quality, efficiency, and unmatched customer service. 

    New build house with new windows

    Compliance and Efficiency 

    Part L Compliance

    We offer double and triple glazing solutions that adhere to Part L Compliance standards, ensuring energy efficiency.

    Future-Ready Homes

    Our installations set the standard for energy-efficient, future-ready homes.

    Large new build house

    Performance Excellence 

    Acoustic Comfort

    We fulfill all acoustic requirements, guaranteeing a serene environment for homes.

    Optimal Thermal Efficiency

    Our products achieve U Values as low as 0.8, a testament to their thermal efficiency.

    row of new build housing

    Customer-Centric Approach 

    Unrivalled Aftercare

    Our relationship with clients extends beyond just installation. We provide dedicated aftercare to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our products.

    Unbeatable Customer Service

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and our service quality is second to none.

    Flexibility and Professionalism

    As a flexible supplier and installer, we tailor our services to meet unique client needs. Our team is not only competent but also exudes professionalism and friendliness.

    GJB Newbuild’s proactive approach and reliability have been invaluable.

    – Kelvin O’Dwyer-Heath – Persimmon Homes Suffolk 

    Their dedication to not just us, but also to our customers, truly stands out.

    – Jasmine Sissen, Permission Homes Anglia (Norfolk) 

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      Our commitment to offering the finest products is fortified by industry recognitions. We proudly hold accreditations from CHAS and Secure By Design, and have won The NHBC Pride in the Job Award 3 years running in 2021/22/23, ensuring that our Timber Alternative range stands up to the highest standards of quality and safety.