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Housing Developments

At GJB New Build, we pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier and installer of high-quality windows and doors.

We are a partner to new-build developers and contractors, dedicated to bringing visions to life across a diverse range of sectors. Our expertise spans:

Our extensive case studies showcase not only our vast experience but also our unwavering commitment to each project. Dive deep into our portfolio, and you’ll find a consistent thread: our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality, regardless of the scale or complexity of the project. 

Housing Developments

In the rapidly evolving world of housing developments, we understand the dual pressure of ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Our team is adept at maximizing your budget’s potential, ensuring every pound spent translates to impeccable quality and timely completion. When you collaborate with GJB New Build, you’re not just getting a service provider – you’re gaining a partner dedicated to making your housing development a resounding success. 

Providing Holistic Solutions

At GJB New Build, we are dedicated to providing contractors with holistic solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges of modern construction. Recognising the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in today’s homes, we offer Part L Compliant double and triple glazing solutions that are instrumental in crafting Future Ready Homes. Our products not only ensure energy efficiency but also cater to all acoustic requirements, ensuring a serene living environment for homeowners. With our advanced offerings, achieving a U Value as low as 0.8 is no longer a distant goal but a tangible reality. Beyond the installation, we are committed to the well-being of residents, providing unrivalled aftercare services, ensuring that every homeowner gets the most out of their investment. 

Diverse Offerings for Every Need

Our comprehensive product line up includes:

uPVC window

Eurocell Windows

Renowned for their sleek design and energy efficiency.

Alumninium Window

Sheerline Windows

Celebrated for their innovative design, providing strength and elegance.

Composite door

Gallery44 Doors

Offering a perfect blend of modern design with traditional craftsmanship.

Our Premium Product Range 

At GJB New Build, we believe that the cornerstone of an exceptional new build project lies in the quality of its components. Our curated product range is a testament to our commitment to delivering only the best to our clients. 

Unwavering Quality

Every product we offer, from windows to doors, is meticulously selected based on stringent quality criteria. We understand that each element plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetics, functionality, and durability of a build. That’s why we ensure our products are not only visually appealing but also stand the test of time.

Manufactured In-House

One of our unique strengths is our in-house manufacturing by Listers, a part of the GJB group. This not only ensures that we have complete control over the quality of our products but also allows us to offer customization options tailored to specific project needs.

Innovation Meets Tradition

While we are always at the forefront of the latest industry innovations, we also respect time-honored craftsmanship. This balance ensures our products are both state-of-the-art and timeless. 

Choosing GJB New Build means choosing unparalleled quality, a diverse range, and the assurance that every product contributes positively to your new build project. Trust in our products to lay the foundation for a build that’s not just a structure, but a masterpiece. 

GJB Newbuild are a reliable and proactive company who are always willing to assist.

– Kelvin O’Dwyer-Heath – Persimmon Homes Suffolk 

They not only provide a great service to us but extend this to our valued customers too.

– Jasmine Sissen, Permission Homes Anglia (Norfolk) 

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    Our products come with the assurance of industry accreditations such as CHAS and Secure By Design. We have also won The NHBC Pride in the Job Award 3 years running 2021/22/23. This is a testament to our unwavering focus on quality and security.