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Taylor Wimpey, Hethersett, Norfolk

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Taylor Wimpey

A Long-Standing Collaboration with GJB New Build

Project Overview

Nestled in the charming village of Hethersett, Norfolk, Taylor Wimpey’s residential development blends seamlessly into the landscape, offering a unique mix of countryside serenity and modern amenities. This expansive project has been a thriving collaboration with GJB New Build. To date, we’ve completed windows and doors installations in over 600 homes, with plans already in motion for an additional 300 in the upcoming phase. For this development, we’ve consistently relied on white Eurocell Logik Bevelled frames with ovolo beads and integral Georgian bars, fully compliant with Secure by Design (SBD) standards.

Situated just southwest of Norwich, Hethersett offers the best of both worlds: rural tranquility and proximity to city amenities. The development by Taylor Wimpey takes full advantage of this balance, demanding windows and doors that harmonise with the natural aesthetic while offering modern security and energy-efficiency features.


White Eurocell Logik Bevelled Frames

Chosen for their lasting quality and aesthetic appeal

Ovolo Bead with Integral Georgian Bars

For structural integrity with visual richness

Secure by Design (SBD)

Ensuring the highest levels of safety and security


Over 600 homes outfitted with GJB New Build's premium products
An upcoming phase targeting an additional 300 homes
Exceptional client satisfaction and strengthened partnership
Contribution to the area's blend of rural charm and modern living


Made in Britain

The Challenge

Managing a project of this scale, especially in a location that is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary, posed unique challenges. Taylor Wimpey needed a dependable partner to ensure uniform quality, security, and timely delivery across hundreds of homes through multiple phases.

Collaborative Planning

From the get-go, GJB New Build aligned itself with Taylor Wimpey’s vision for the project. Comprehensive planning sessions ensured the chosen products fulfilled the aesthetic and functional requirements intrinsic to the Hethersett setting.

Impeccable Execution

Our skilled project management teams synchronized with Taylor Wimpey’s timelines, executing window and door installations across multiple phases. Quality control was stringent, making sure each home met our hallmark standards.

The partnership between GJB New Build and Taylor Wimpey in Hethersett, Norfolk, epitomises the ideals of collaborative engagement, excellence, and consistency. As we prepare for the next phase, we celebrate a relationship built on shared values and unwavering commitment to delivering the very best.

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