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David Wilson, Hullbridge, Essex

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David Wilson Homes

A Pioneering Partnership with GJB New Build

Project Overview

Situated in Hullbridge, Essex, David Wilson’s expansive development comprised over 300 plots across various phases. A project of this magnitude required nothing less than the highest standards of quality, aesthetic appeal, and security features. Enter GJB New Build—supplying and installing top-grade white Eurocell Logik Bevelled frames with ovolo beads and integral Georgian bars, all under the Secure by Design (SBD) certification for windows and doors.


White Eurocell Logik Bevelled Frames

Chosen for their aesthetic appeal and durability.

Ovolo Bead with Integral Georgian Bars

These add a traditional touch while offering excellent strength.

Secure by Design (SBD)

Ensuring the highest safety and security standards for windows and doors.


Over 300 plots fitted with premium windows and doors
Completion within agreed timeframes, demonstrating operational efficiency
Positive feedback from homeowners, commending the quality and security features of the installed products
Strengthened the partnership between GJB New Build and David Wilson, paving the way for future collaborative ventures


Made in Britain

The Challenge

David Wilson was seeking a partner who could provide both high-quality products and the requisite expertise to manage a development of this scale. The project had intricate demands, including the need for varied window and door designs that had to comply with rigorous security standards. The task was to identify the most suitable products that would meet these needs while ensuring seamless installation across all phases.

Collaborative Planning

GJB New Build became an integral part of the development process from the get-go. We worked closely with the David Wilson team, understanding their needs and vision for the project. After conducting initial assessments and surveys, we offered tailored recommendations to specify the right product options that met the project’s unique requirements.

Impeccable Execution

Upon agreement with the David Wilson team, GJB New Build swung into action. The installation process was carried out in multiple phases to align with the construction schedule. Our project management team ensured tight quality control, minimising any disruptions while adhering to set timelines.

The successful completion of this ambitious project is evident in the stunning range of photographs showcasing the quality and elegance of our installations. These visual testimonials stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence.

Our partnership with David Wilson in Hullbridge, Essex, exemplifies the essence of collaborative effort, underpinned by mutual trust and a shared vision for quality and excellence. GJB New Build’s commitment to delivering quality products, on time and within scope, has not only fulfilled but exceeded expectations. This project has further solidified GJB New Build’s standing as a reliable, expert partner for large-scale, complex developments.

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